Shocking Research From the University Of Connecticut Confirms…

Secret C.I.A Experiment Uncovers A 60-Second Breakfast Trick Which Increases Fat Loss By 3,400%!

Discover How An Illegal C.I.A Experiment Went Horribly Wrong… Yet Led To The Biggest Fat-Loss Breakthrough Of The 21st Century!

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“The greatest decision I ever made” - Matt Damon

Hi, my name is Catherine Jackson…

And in my hands, is a 20,000-page document released by the C.I.A.

This confidential report contains the details of 150+ illegal experiments…

Conducted by the United States government between 1953 and 1977.

Many of these experiments were conducted on American citizens without their consent.

These were serious crimes such as electric shock therapy… spying on American citizens… and illegal human experimentation.

In 1975, C.I.A director Richard Helms ordered all evidence of the program to be destroyed.

But he was too late.

Journalists working on the Watergate scandal discovered the program, forcing the C.I.A to reveal everything.

It Was Called “Project Ultra”...
A Top Secret C.I.A Experiment Which Can Help You Burn 20+ Pounds Of Stubborn Body Fat!

Project Ultra was created by President Truman during the Cold War.

Tensions between the United States and Soviet Union were at an all-time high.

The world was on the verge of a nuclear war.

Both countries were building thousands of nukes as fast as they could.

But those weren’t the only deadly weapons being built. They were also building:

… Hydrogen bombs.

… Biological weapons.

… Chemical weapons.

But there was one other weapon of mass destruction which the United States military was working on…

They were called “Psychological Weapons”.

Which is why the United States authorised an illegal operation known as Project Ultra.

Over 80 institutions were involved, such as universities, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies.

All working together to win the Cold War.

But, It All Went Horribly Wrong!

After spending $14.1 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money...

And committing hundreds of illegal crimes -- many of which broke the laws of the Constitution.

The United States government realized that psychological weapons were impossible…

They simply could not be built.

After 24 years of experiments, they shut down the program and all the confidential documents were made public.

However, there’s a huge twist in this story.

You see, while the C.I.A didn’t discover any psychological weapons which would help them to win the Cold War…

The C.I.A Accidentally Discovered A Unique 60-Second Breakfast Trick, Proven By Medical Research To Burn Fat 34 TIMES Faster!

Buried within this 20,000-page C.I.A report, is a unique and very different fat-loss solution.

It takes just 10-minutes per day to use, and shockingly…

It’s been proven by the Journal Of Clinical Psychology to burn fat 3,400% faster.

(That’s 34 TIMES more fat-loss than traditional diet and exercise)

And here’s the best part:

You can get these results:

And it all has to do with this 60-second “trick”, uncovered by the C.I.A in the 1960s.

This trick has been proven by the University of Connecticut to be highly effective for burning fat…

Helping 90% of people to lose weight, and most importantly…

To keep the weight off for two years or longer!

Which is why I truly believe, this is the BEST way for men and women over 40 to lose weight!

This Secret C.I.A Fat Loss Trick Will Help You:

    • Burn 10, 20 or even 30+ pounds of stubborn body fat.
    • Boost your fat-loss hormones such as growth hormone and IGF-1
    • Decrease your appetite and eliminate late-night cravings.
    • Stabilize your blood glucose and insulin levels.
    • Fight against most deadly diseases.
    • Get the flat, lean belly you truly deserve!

    Now, I know I’m making a lot of big promises on this page.

    And you may even find this hard to believe. When I first discovered this information, I was extremely skeptical.

    However, I’ve provided over 30 footnotes so you can confirm all of these facts for yourself.

    Each of these footnotes points to a peer-reviewed, double-blind, placebo-tested medical research study. So you can know that everything you’re reading is 100% substantiated and true.

    But there’s even more good news!

    You see…

    This 60-Second Trick Has Been Used By Celebrities Such As Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher & Matt Damon!

    Orlando Bloom, the world-famous actor of Pirates Of The Caribbean… Used it to overcome his addiction to chocolate and get in the best shape of his life.

    Fergie, singer in the hugely successful Black Eyed Peas… Used it to help melt away around 20 pounds of excess body fat.

    Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer to have ever lived… Used it to help him win 80 PGA tour events.

    British fashion model Sophie Dahl (daughter of Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)... Used it to drop EIGHT dress sizes.

    Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell credited it for her sexy and toned flat belly.

    Ashton Kutcher used it to completely transform his body, helping him break into Hollywood.

    Ben Affleck used it to improve his health saying “I’m in better shape than I was five years ago”

    And Matt Damon said that it was “The greatest decision I ever made in my life”

    This method has been used by the rich and famous for the last 20 years…

    Which is why many doctors are calling it…

    The Biggest Fat Loss Breakthrough Of The 21st Century…

    In a moment, I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal everything.

    You’ll discover:

    So please, pay close attention and read every word on this page.

    If you’re over 40, it might be the most important thing you read all year.

    But first, let me quickly introduce myself.

    My Name Is Catherine Jackson And I’m One Of Britain's Top Psychology Experts…

    After getting my honours degree from the University of Portsmouth in the U.K….

    I became an International board certified weight loss therapist and established my own private practice in Hampshire, England.

    As well as helping people online all around the world.

    I’ve also written two books in my field of psychology, as well as a third book which I co-wrote with my husband.

    Through my work, I help people with everything from family disputes, anger issues, anxiety, stress, divorce, childhood trauma and much, much more.

    But the favorite part of my work is helping people lose weight.

    You see, when I was in my 20s, I had a very toxic relationship with food.

    To help deal with the stress of getting my honours degree and start my business from scratch…

    I turned to food every chance I had. I would binge eat everything I could get my hands on.

    And nothing would calm me down after a stressful day more than a giant pizza and a full box of cookies.

    I Would Eat Until I Was About To Throw Up… Then, I’d Spend Hours Crying Myself To Sleep.

    I felt disgusted by who I had become.

    My eating was out of control and I felt like an addict.

    I was putting on extra pounds every single month.

    And it was putting an enormous strain on my marriage.

    I felt like I was harbouring a dirty little secret, that only I knew about.

    Things only got worse after the birth of my children.

    The infamous “Pregnancy Pounds” caused me to gain an extra 25 pounds of fat.

    I tried diet after diet. Gym after gym. And nothing seemed to work.

    My metabolism was sluggish. My blood glucose was haywire. And my hormones were destroyed after years of chronic stress.

    However, it was when I discovered the same C.I.A fat-loss secret you’re about to learn, that everything began to change for me.

    I Used This 10-Minute Technique Every Day And The Pounds Fell Right Off.

    Discovering this 10-minute technique transformed my life.

    I got healthy again and the weight fell right off.

    Today, even though I’m in my 40s, I feel leaner, stronger and sexier than I did in my 20s!

    I have more energy than ever before.

    More confidence.

    And my marriage has never been stronger.

    And now, I’d like to show you how you can do it too.

    It all started one day when I was reading the latest issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

    When I read a story that shocked me to my core.

    The story of how a rogue government agency committed unspeakable crimes, all in the effort to win the Cold War.

    You see…

    The C.I.A Was Created To Win The Cold War.

    The C.I.A, or Central Intelligence Agency, was created in September 1947.

    Their goal was to find out information and gather intelligence about enemies around the world. But mostly the Soviet Union.

    One of the C.I.A’s top priorities was psychological weapons.

    In fact, in a C.I.A memo from June 1951, it stated the need to develop, and I quote…

    “Scientific Methods For Controlling The Minds Of Individuals”.

    The name of this secret operation was Project Ultra.

    It lasted over 30 years and was one of the largest government programs ever funded.

    There were over 150 separate divisions, each with a multi-million dollar budget.

    And many of these experiments were totally and completely illegal.

    For example, there was Project 68.

    Project 68 is where a doctor named Ewen Cameron was paid $69,000 (that’s over $600,000 in today’s currency) to work on erasing and reprogramming the human mind.

    To do so, he used torture on his patients, scrambling their minds with electric shock therapy and putting them into 7-day coma’s.

    Or there was Operation Midnight Climax.

    In this experiment, prostitutes were paid huge sums of money to lure men back to a hotel room in downtown Manhattan.

    Once they got to the hotel room, the men would be given a drink laced with LSD. While the C.I.A recorded everything, studying how the drugs would affect the men.

    This happened without their knowledge or consent.

    Or finally, there was Project 54.

    Where the United States Navy experimented with putting people to sleep from across the room, using powerful electromagnetic waves.

    Like I said, there was over 150 of these experiments.

    There was Project Bluebird… Project Artichoke… And many more.

    All using illegal and immoral techniques such as:

    But here’s the most important thing to understand about all.

    Their Experiments Were A Total Failure...
    But The C.I.A Accidentally Discovered
    This Highly Effective Fat Loss Trick!

    The C.I.A directors in charge of Project Ultra should have been thrown in jail for the crimes they commited.

    They broke the laws of the Constitution. Of the United Nations.

    And here’s the thing: They never discovered any form of psychological weapon.

    It was all for nothing.

    A total waste of money.

    Except, for one little thing…

    While the C.I.A never discovered what they were really searching for…

    They did discovered a unique and very different fat-loss method.

    Completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

    I call it…

    The “Weird” C.I.A Fat Loss Solution, Guaranteed To Produce Results In As Little As 72 Hours…

    Listen, it’s NOT your fault you haven’t been able to lose weight.

    And you’re NOT alone. Over 100 million American men and women are struggling with the exact same problem.

    You don’t need another diet which is impossible to follow.

    You don’t need another sweaty workout routine.

    And you definitely don’t need another supplement.

    Instead, you need a BRAND-NEW approach that:

    So, you’re probably wondering…

    What Is This New, Revolutionary, C.I.A Inspired 10-Minute Solution Which Has Helped 10,000+ Men & Women Over 40 To Experience Rapid Fat Loss?

    It’s Called…

    Flat Belly Reset

    The ONLY Science-Based Solution Which Turbocharges Your Metabolism & Melts Stubborn Belly Fat Without Difficult Workouts Or Crazy Low-Carb Diets!

    So why is Flat Belly Reset the #1 way for men and women over 40 to burn stubborn body fat and get the lean, flat belly you so deserve?

    Here’s the secret:

    Flat Belly Reset uses one simple secret, based upon a neuroscience breakthrough discovered by the C.I.A during the Cold War.

    This 10-minute technique is completely unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

    It isn’t just the best way to burn belly fat. It’s the ONLY way for long-lasting results.

    This is your unfair advantage to get into the best shape of your life.

    No Matter If You’re 30+ Pounds Overweight… Or If You Haven’t Had A Lean Belly In Over 10 Years…

    Anyone Can Use Flat Belly Reset For Amazing Results!

    • Age isn’t an issue.
    • Your fitness level isn't an issue
    • Lack of time isn't an issue

    • You DON'T need a ton of time
    • You DON'T need any equipment
    • You DON’T need expensive supplements

    You’ll Be Shocked At What Happens After Your Flat Belly Reset Session…

    From the very first time you use Flat Belly Reset, you’ll be shocked at how quickly it begins to work.

    After just 10-minutes, you’ll feel your metabolism ramping up and your fat-loss hormones beginning to flow.

    Within 24 hours, you’ll feel significantly less hungry and have increasingly stable blood sugar levels.

    Within 72 hours, you can expect to have lost your first pound of fat!

    And you can expect to continue burning 1 pound of fat every 72 hours, so long as you use the Flat Belly Reset every day.

    And remember, it only takes 10-minutes.

    And it’s NOT an exercise program. And it’s NOT a diet.

    It’s completely different and something you’ll have never seen before.

    In a moment, I’ll show you exactly what the 10-minute trick is and how you can get started using it TODAY.

    But before I do, I’d like to show you what the medical research has to say about Flat Belly Reset.

    The first study I’d like to show you, found this 10-minute trick…

    Increases Fat Loss By 3,400%!

    This study was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology and the results were outrageous.

    60 women volunteered for the study, and the women were split into two groups.

    Group A, the control group, were given a standard fat-loss diet to follow. The kind of diet you’d find on any regular magazine or health website.

    However, Group B, the Flat Belly Reset group, was a simple 10-minute technique to do every day.

    These women were told to eat and exercise however they liked. The only promise they had to make was to use the 10-minute technique daily.

    After 12 weeks, the women had their body weight and blood markers measured, and the results were astonishing.

    Group A, the control group, had almost zero weight loss.

    The average weight loss was a meager 0.5 pounds.

    However, Group B had an average weight loss of 17 POUNDS!

    Without dieting!

    Without cutting carbs!

    Without starving themselves!

    And without consciously monitoring how much they ate!

    While losing 34 TIMES more fat than the control group.

    And this is just the beginning. Let’s look at another study, which found that Flat Belly Reset has a…

    93% Success Rate!

    This ground-breaking study came from Alfred Barrios.

    Barrios conducted what is known as a meta-analysis.

    A meta-analysis is the best kind of research we have.

    It’s where you take all of the data on a given topic in order to deduce the real results.

    Barrios gathered 1,018 studies and articles on this unique 10-minute method (the same method discovered by the C.I.A).

    And here’s what he found:

    The Flat Belly Reset method had a 93% success rate after just 6 sessions!

    This made Flat Belly Reset the clear winner beating cognitive behavioral therapy which had a 72% success rate (after 22 sessions on average)...

    And beating psychotherapy which had only a 38% success rate (after an average of 600 sessions).

    This led Barrios to conclude that Flat Belly Reset wasn’t only the most effective method for fat-loss…

    It was also the FASTEST by a big margin!

    I’ll show you the exact technique in a moment. But let’s look at one final fat-loss study.

    This study confirming that Flat Belly Reset can help you…

    Burn 20+ Pounds Of Fat And Keep It Off For At Least Two Years!

    Rebound weight gain is something that millions of Americans deal with every year.

    It’s so frustrating to finally lose weight and tighten up your belly… Only to put all the weight back on (plus an additional 5-10 pounds).

    So does Flat Belly Reset help with rebound weight gain?

    This study was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology and it wanted to measure participants fat-loss over the LONG-term.

    109 people joined the study and were split into two groups.

    Group A was given behavioral therapy to aid in their weight loss…

    While Group B was given behavioral therapy AND the Flat Belly Reset method.

    After 9-weeks, both groups had lost significant amounts of weight.

    However, when they were tested again at 8-months and 2-year follow-ups…

    Group A had put most of their weight back on…

    While the Flat Belly Reset group had continued to lose weight… Even two years later!

    It’s absolutely remarkable.

    And this method hasn’t just been proven for weight-loss.

    But psychologists love to use it to help smokers to quit cigarettes.

    In fact,

    It Helps 91% Of People To Quit Smoking For Good!

    And if it can help people conquer one of the world’s most difficult addictions, just imagine how it can help you to quit sugar and junk food.

    Just look at this data:

    And in the largest study ever conducted into this method and its effects on smokers was a meta-analysis from the University of Iowa.

    They combined the results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people from America and Europe.

    And they compared various methods of quitting to see which was most effective.

    On average, it was THREE TIMES more effective than nicotine replacement methods and 15 TIMES more effective than using willpower.

    Which shows how insanely powerful Flat Belly Reset is.

    And it will work for YOU.

    If you have 10-minutes per day, then you can burn 2 pounds every single week with Flat Belly Reset.

    For example…

    Jane Used Flat Belly Reset To Burn 35 Pounds In Just 90 Days!

    The first time I met Jane, she was on the verge of tears.

    Jane was 43, married with three kids and her life was spinning out of control.

    Even though Jane had been in shape her entire life…

    After the birth of her children, she found it impossible to lose those pregnancy pounds. As Jane told me, “I feel like my belly won’t stop growing.”

    Before she knew it, she weighed 195 pounds.

    And her life was a nightmare.

    She was constantly self-conscious. Especially when there were so many skinny 20-year-olds in her office, reminding her of how she used to look.

    She was nervous around her husband, especially when he’d want to make love…  As she was so worried he wouldn’t be attracted to her any longer once he’d realize how big she’d gotten.

    As Jane sat crying in my office, I gently told her that everything was going to be okay.  

    That I was going to be on her side through every step of this journey.

    And she began to crack a smile.

    I gave her the Flat Belly Reset technique, the same technique you’ll learn in just a second…

    And she began to lose weight… FAST!

    From the very first day, she noticed her cravings had disappeared.

    In the first week, she lost a whopping 4 pounds!

    Within 30-days, she had dropped 12 pounds…

    And when she came back for her 90-day checkup, my jaw dropped to the ground.

    Jane lost 35 pounds in just 90-days!

    Her daily cravings for sugary comfort foods and late-night snacks were GONE!  

    She had more energy than ever and was able to spend even more time with her children.

    And Jane and her husband had fallen in love all over again and their sex life was as good as when they first started dating.

    Most importantly, Jane was happy.

    She had reclaimed her confidence and had a newfound zest for life.

    All because of one simple trick, which I initially uncovered from a 20,000-page C.I.A report.

    Which brings me to a very special announcement I’d like to make.

    On this page, I’ve told you all about the Flat Belly Reset technique…

    The same technique which came from the C.I.A’s lost research from the 1960s.

    How it boasts increased fat-loss of 3,400% and takes just 10-minutes per day.

    Well, I’d like to give you that method right now, along with three very special bonuses.

    And it’s all available at a substantially discounted price, for anyone who takes action today.

    It’s called…

    Flat Belly Reset

    A Science Based Guide To Turbocharge Your Metabolism, Flatten Your Belly & Burn Stubborn Body Fat.

    img/New covers/All.png

    Flat Belly Reset

    Here’s An Inside Look At Everything You’ll Get With Flat Belly Reset:

    Flat Belly Reset Main Guide

    This program is designed to give you everything you need for a transformation.

    Everything is laid out in a simple, easy to follow schedule.

    Just give it 30-days to begin to boost your metabolism, increase hormone production and tighten your belly.

    And since it’s structured around a simple 10-minute method, it couldn’t be easier. Just use this method every day from the comfort of your own home…

    And just a few short weeks from now, you’ll be totally in love with your lean, toned body.

    Here’s a look at just a few of the things you’ll learn.

        • The C.I.A Fat Loss Secret: Discover this incredibly simple fat-loss tool, created by the C.I.A in the 1960s, which science has shown to increase fat-loss by 3,400%!
        • 60-Second Breakfast Trick: A simple 60-second trick to use every morning before breakfast, guaranteed to speed up your fat-loss.
        • How To Stay Slim Forever: My #1 secret to ensuring you keep the weight off once you’ve lost it. This is the secret weapon which will prevent rebound weight gain and
        • Cure Your Addiction To Food: Not only will Flat Belly Reset boost your fat-loss hormones and metabolism. It will also change your mindset and show you how to heal your addictions to food and curb destructive habits such as stress and emotional eating.
        • Think Your Way Thin: A revolutionary new mindset which can help you burn an extra pound every single week. Without doing any extra exercise, cardio or cutting calories.
        • Stop Sugar Cravings: My favorite strategy for quitting sugar easily and effortlessly. So you can stabilize your blood sugar levels FAST and bring your insulin levels back to normal levels. (If you have diabetes or prediabetes, this is a MUST)
        • Goodbye Late Night Cravings: Everyone hates going to bed hungry, right? Well, you’ll discover exactly why that happens and a super simple fix to making late night cravings a thing of the past.
        • And much, much more!

        Plus, You’ll Get These Three Bonuses, Completely For Free.

        I want to ensure you have everything you need for the biggest fat-loss transformation of your entire life.

        Which is why I’m going to give you these three special bonus reports, completely for FREE.

        Bonus #1:
        14-Day Quick Start Plan

        img/New covers/1-Ebook.png

        This is for the busy man or woman who wants to get straight into the program without wasting any time.

        This 14-day quick start plan is clear, brief and to the point.

        Telling you exactly what you need to do, so you can get started immediately.

        It’s exactly how a quick start guide should be: Short, sweet and easy to read.

        Bonus #2:
        Flat Belly Nutrition Plan

        img/New covers/3-Ebook.png

        This nutrition guide is for anyone who wants to accelerate their results and get a flat belly in a fraction of the time.

        I’ll show you EXACTLY how to structure your meals, and EXACTLY when to eat your meals for the fastest fat-loss you’ve ever experienced.

        You’ll get a list of the BEST foods and no guesswork needed.

        No guesswork needed. Just follow the program to the letter and watch your body transform before your eyes.

        Bonus #3:
        The Flat Belly Reset

        101 Fat-Burning Recipes

        img/New covers/2-Ebook.png

        One of the biggest request from our customers has been for more delicious and easy to cook recipes.

        Which is why I’m so excited to share the Ultimate Flat Belly Cookbook with you today.

        This cookbook contains 100 unique recipes, all of which will help you scorch stubborn belly fat and get into the best shape of your life.

        And best of all, all meals can be prepared in less than 30-minutes!

        (With many recipes taking as little as 10-minutes).

        Flat Belly Reset Is Available At This Special New Release Price - For A Limited Time Only!

        If you were to visit me in England and have me teach you the Flat Belly Reset in person, it would cost you $250 per HOUR.

        And I would need at least two hours to teach you everything you need to know.

        Ultimately, it would cost you over $500 to learn the secrets contained within Flat Belly Reset.

        But here’s the good news:

        You won’t pay anywhere near that today.

        Before I tell you what the price is, let me give you a quick reminder of everything that comes with your order.

        • First, you get the main Flat Belly Reset program so you can get started burning fat in just 10-minutes per day. (Value = $37)
        • Second, you get the 21-day Quick Start Guide. This is a step-by-step breakdown of exactly what you need to do so you’ll never get confused. (Value = $19)
        • Third, you’ll receive the Flat Belly Reset Nutrition Guide. This will give you over 30 bonus tips of what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Keeping everything super simple and easy to follow. (Value = $29)
        • And finally, you’ll receive the Ultimate Flat Belly Cookbook with 101 simple, easy-to-prepare recipes. (Value = $27)

        If you were to buy each of these items individually, it would cost $112.

        However, you’ll get a substantial discount when you order today.

        You see, if you place your order today, you can get access to the FULL PROGRAM for just $25!

        That’s right. For just $25, you can get full access to everything inside the program, including the three special bonus programs.

        Why so cheap? Because I want to get this program in the hands of as many people as possible. So I wanted to make the price a no-brainer and something EVERYONE can afford.

        That’s why I’m offering such a bargain deal.

        To get started, all you need to do is click on the button below to add Flat Belly Reset to your order.

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        Lose 10 Pounds Or Get A Full And Fast Refund!

        Flat Belly Reset comes with an iron-clad, 60-day, money-back guarantee.

        Here’s what that means:

        When you join the program today…

        If you don’t burn at least 10 pounds within 60 days and you aren’t 100% THRILLED with your purchase…

        Then just let us know for a full and fast refund.

        It literally couldn’t be any easier!

        I want to make joining Flat Belly Reset a no-brainer decision for you.

        Which is why I’m happy to take all of the risks off of your shoulders and put it onto my own.

        And I’m so confident that you’re going to quickly and easily burn 10 pounds of fat and flatten your belly… That I’m happy to make you this exceptional money-back guarantee.

        But there’s more!

        You see…

        Flat Belly Reset Will Work For You EVEN IF…

        You’re busy, stressed and you just don’t have the time.

        All you need is 10-minutes per day and all sessions can be completed from the comfort of your own home. You can do it first thing in the morning, when you come home from work or even before you fall asleep at night. In fact, the sessions are so gentle you can do them and immediately fall asleep afterward (remember, this is NOT an exercise program. It’s something completely different).

        You don’t believe it will work because it doesn’t involve dieting.

        Diets only have a 5% success rate which explains why obesity levels are higher than ever in human history! Yes, you can slim down without dieting. Flat Belly Reset is your path to success!

        You think you’re too old for it to work.

        Flat Belly Reset is specifically designed for anyone who’s over 40. There is zero strenuous exercise and no difficult diet to follow. In fact, many of our best customers are in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

        You are very out of shape and think that nothing will work for you.

        Even if you’re 30+ pounds overweight, you don’t need to feel embarrassed anymore. Flat Belly Reset will fix the root cause of your obesity, allowing you to FINALLY lose weight and keep it off.

        You Won’t Find The Secret Of Flat Belly Reset Anywhere Else.
        Only Right Here, Right Now, On This Page…

        There’s a reason you’ve never heard of the Flat Belly Reset method before

        Because very few people have ever heard of it!

        Remember, this technique wasn’t developed by personal trainers or gym instructors.

        It was created by doctors and scientists hired by the C.I.A over 50 years ago.

        It was highly classified until Project Ultra - the codename for this billion dollar experiment- was released to the public.

        And even then, it was buried deep inside a 20,000-page C.I.A report, which almost no one is ever going to read!

        However, I dove into all of the medical literature so you don’t have to.

        And that’s why I’m so excited for you to get your hands on Flat Belly Reset today.

        It’s going to produce remarkable results for you, just like it has for so many of my clients.

        Here Are Just A Few Of The Success Stories With Flat Belly Breakthrough…

         “Lost 14 Pounds In 21 Days!”
        When I did Catherine’s program, I noticed results from the very first day. The next day I could see I had slimmed around my waist. I sleep so much better, I don’t get stressful up and downs and I love being slim and healthy! In 21 days I lost 14 pounds.

        Monica, Arkansas

         “My Cravings Are In The Past…”
        I could never lose more than a few pounds with diets and exercise. This has been a really amazing discovery because now I just do nothing and lose weight! My cravings are in the past. I sleep so well, better than before the kids came along. My wife is very happy and is also following Catherine’s program. I recommend it for couples!

        Roberto, Atlanta

         “Lost Several Pounds A WEEK!”
        Just 1 week of Flat Belly Reset and I was hooked. I found myself effortlessly losing several pounds a week which was quite an incredible experience. I had a hard time with a divorce last year and gained 30 pounds around my belly, arms and thighs. Now I have full control over everything. I’ve got a new man and feel like I’ve got my life back.

        Martha, UK

        Here’s How To Get Started…

        If you’ve read this far, then you’re clearly interested in joining Flat Belly Reset.

        And you’re ready to begin using the C.I.A fat-loss secret to burning 20-30 pounds of stubborn body fat…

        Then allow me to show you how to get started.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: What is Flat Belly Reset?
        Flat Belly Reset is a BRAND-NEW fat-loss solution for men and women over 40. The core of the program is a unique 10-minute method.

        Q: I’m over 40. Will Flat Belly Reset work for me?
        Absolutely! In fact, we created Flat Belly Reset specifically for men and women over 40

        Regular Price $97

        Today Only $25!

        Q: I suffer from rebound weight gain. Will it work for me
        Certainly! Flat Belly Reset was specifically designed to support rebound weight gain. Once you get your flat belly, you’ll have all the tools to keep the weight off!

        Q: Do I need any equipment?
        Nope, ZERO equipment required. All you need is 10-minutes per day, at the comfort of your own home.

        Q: Are there any hidden charges?
        No way! Flat Belly Reset is a simple one-time payment of $25.

        Regular Price $97

        Today Only $25!

        Q: What if it doesn’t work for me? Is there a refund?
        Yes sure. Let us know for a fast and full refund. No questions asked.

        Q: Do I get instant access to the program?
        Yes! After you place your order, you’ll receive an email within 5-10 minutes giving you a link to the download page. From there, you’ll have INSTANT ACCESS to Flat Belly Reset. So you can kick start your fat-loss journey TODAY.

        Q: How do I get started?
        That’s the easiest part. All you need to do is hit the “Add To Cart” button below, take 60-seconds to enter your billing information. Then you’ll get instant access to the program and you can get started.

        I hope that answers all your questions. To get started, just click the link below and let’s do this!

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        Today Only $25!


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